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Resplandor Elixir and Gua Sha in a handcrafted wooden box
Resplandor Elixir and Gua Sha in a handcrafted wooden box
Resplandor Elixir and Gua Sha in a handcrafted wooden box
Resplandor Elixir and Gua Sha in a handcrafted wooden box
Resplandor Elixir and Gua Sha in a handcrafted wooden box

Resplandor Elixir and Gua Sha in a handcrafted wooden box

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Ethiko's Ultimate Gift Set promises to make you feel like royalty. It is the ideal gift for someone you love or a luxurious gift for yourself. This set consists of Ethiko's finest serum, the Resplandor Elixir and a rose quartz Gua Sha, both safely packed in a hand crafted carved wooden box. 

Contents of the gift set:

  • Resplandor Elixir, 15 ml 

  • Rose quartz Gua Sha massage tool
  • Hand crafted wooden box

Resplandor Elixir

Inspired by the lavish chambers of Persian royalty and their extravagant beauty routine, Ethiko brings to you Resplandor Elixir, the ultimate serum for soft, supple and radiant skin.

This exotic formulation is infused with luxurious neroli and geranium essential oils that promote skin health and calm your mind, thus aiding relaxation. A few drops of this elixir every night is all you need for radiant skin.


  • Rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Omega fatty acids, which provide skin with high quality nourishment
  • Delays signs of aging like blemishes, pigmentation and fine lines
  • Calms the mind and promotes restful sleep

Skin Type

For all skin types, including acne prone and sensitive skin


Use 2-3 drops at night on clean skin after washing your face. Massage for 30-60 seconds until serum is completely absorbed.

Recommend using the serum every night. 


Argan Oil**#, Rosehip Oil**, Neroli Oil*, Lavender Oil*, Geranium Oil*, Frankincense Oil* and Vitamin E

100% Ingredient Declaration

** Organic Cold Pressed *Organic Essential Oil #Contains nuts

Paraben free, SLS free and silicone free

Contains no preservatives, synthetic colours or fragrances

Rose Quartz Gua Sha

The Gua Sha is inspired by the ancient Chinese healing technique of stimulating the flow of stagnant energy called chi. The Gua Sha technique of massaging the body and face with this rose quartz tool helps in balancing our inner energies, thus bringing about a sense of harmony.


A gentle facial massage with the Gua Sha increases blood circulation, making your skin healthy. It also aids lymphatic drainage and assists the body in getting rid of toxins, thus making your skin radiant. 

When used with Ethiko's luxurious Resplandor Elixir, the process revitalises the skin, making you glow with every use.


Wash your face and pat dry. Apply 2-4 drops of Ethiko's Resplandor Elixir. Use the Gua Sha to massage your face with gentle, but firm strokes. Glide the tool gently up and out,

starting with the neck, jawline, chin, and mouth and then,

proceeding to the cheeks and the forehead.

Handcrafted Wooden Box

This hand-crafted sandook (box) has been made by craftsmen from the royal city of Jaipur, India, renowned for its mighty palaces and forts. Inspired by the glorious past and timeless nature, these craftsmen exhibit great dexterity and patience, almost breathing life in to a piece of wood and transforming it into this stellar piece of art.

Wooden handicraft, embellished with intricate motifs, reflects the true spirit of Indian craftsmanship. This sandook, carved from Indian wood, promises to give you the most luxurious and regal feel of rich Indian tradition each time you open it.


At Ethiko, we take our contribution to the environment very seriously. We believe in making the world a greener and a happier place. Sustainability is one of our core values, which is why, 5% of the sales proceeds of this

Ethiko product will be used in various sustainability projects in India, including planting and cultivation of trees. These projects increase our Earth's green cover and also provide additional income to the local community.


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Customer's Quote

- Ines Bescos Vera, Spain
My sister gifted me this set last month and the wooden box really made me feel like a queen. I have been using the elixir with the gua sha regularly and the results are amazing. My skin is softer and glows. Also, fine lines are lesser and pigmentation is lighter. 
I dont feel the need to use any other product at night - just this elixir does the job perfectly!

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