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Brightening Serum
Brightening Serum
Brightening Serum
Brightening Serum
Brightening Serum
Brightening Serum
Brightening Serum
Brightening Serum
Brightening Serum
best face serum for 30 year old

Brightening Serum

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Just two drops of Ethiko's Brightening Serum at night is all that you need for a glowing complexion all through the day.


Ethiko's Brightening Serum is highly effective in: 

  • Giving you a bright and even complexion
  • Fading sun tan, scars and marks
  • Making your skin soft and supple

Skin Type

All skin types

Key Ingredients

Rosehip Oil: Rosehip oil has high Vitamin E content and promotes regeneration of skin cells, resulting in a even skin tone. It helps in healing scars, acne spots and blemishes. This oil is easily penetrates within the layers of the skin and is the ideal 'skin food' for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

Curcuma Oil: Curcuma oil is the key ingredient that helps in brightening and clearing your complexion. It is a great anti-oxidant and makes your skin supple and youthful. 

Lavender Oil: Lavendar oil is an extremely versatile oil and works wonders for all skin types. It is gentle, yet effective and purifies the skin. It has great anti-microbial properties and soothes acne prone skin as well. 

Grapefruit Oil: Grapefruit oil helps in skin lightening, thus giving you a brighter complexion. It also has anti-oxidant properties, which makes it an effective anti-aging element for mature skin. 

Ylang Ylang Oil: Ylang ylang oil balances the sebum production by the skin. This oil works its magic on all skin types - oily, dry, combination, normal and sensitive. It promotes regeneration of skin cells, making your skin fresh and vibrant. 


Argan Oil*, Rosehip Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Moringa Oil*, Lemon Oil**, Grapefruit Oil**, Bergamot Oil**, Curcuma Oil**, Lavender Oil**, Frankincense Oil**, Ylang Ylang Oil** and Vitamin E (Organic)

*Organic cold pressed oil ** Organic essential oil

Paraben free, SLS free and silicone free

Contains no preservatives, synthetic colours or fragrances



Use 2-3 drops at night on clean skin after washing your face. Remember, less is more! Massage for 30-60 seconds until serum is completely absorbed. Recommend using the serum every night. 



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Customer's Quote

Brightening Whitening Seru,

- Malini Adapureddy, Brand Manager

I don't have any major problems with my skin, but I always felt that my skin looks dull, possibly because of pigmentation due to sun exposure. 

Ethiko's Brightening Serum has helped me tackle the pigmentation problem naturally. I now have an even skin tone and find my skin radiant, soft and supple all through the day. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Krishu Garg
Worth the money

Expensive, but the 15 ml bottle lasts for over 4 months. Skin becomes so much smoother in a week of use.

Farida Memon
Smooth skin

Nice night serum. I don’t need a night cream after using this.

Malini Dhall
Must have in your skincare regimen!

You need to use it for 4 weeks to watch your skin transform!

Lavanya Suri
Soft skin

Made skin soft in one week.
Very nice

Pankhudi Jain
Good as a primer too

I use it like and overnight serum and a primer underneath make up. Gives a soft dewy look.
Best all in the one product.