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All Ethiko products are free from artificial and harmful chemical preservatives. Many artificial preservatives used in skin care formulations are harmful to the body; some cause cancer while others can act as hormone disruptors and create havoc in the human body. 
However, the lack of a preservative can impact the shelf life of the product, spoiling it as you continue to use it. We would never want you to compromise on product quality or hygiene and aspire to give you the 'fresh' experience each time you use any of our products. We have thus devised our packaging to ensure that your experience is uncompromised.

High Quality Miron Glass Packaging

In order to ensure that our skin care products have a shelf life of at least 18 months, we package them in high quality violet glass bottles that are manufactured only by Miron Glass in Netherlands. Violet glass prevents light from entering Ethiko's products, thus protecting them from damage caused by visible light and maintaining their potency over extended periods of time. 

Say NO to Plastics

Our planet needs our attention, before it is too late!
Single use plastics are creating a havoc in the environment. Millions of tonnes of empty cream and shampoo bottles find their way into the oceans and landfills. Many strangle innocent birds and sea creatures. The plastics further break down into micro plastics and make their way into the food chain and ultimately end up in our guts causing life threatening diseases and cancer. 
Ethiko is a responsible brand and believes that we need to make our world a better place, for ourselves and our children. With this ideology, we use only glass bottles and jars to package our products. Ethiko's boxes are made of cardboard and we do not use any pieces of foam in the same. 

Coming Soon...

We are also in the process of setting up a program to encourage you to send our bottles back to us so that they can be recycled in the best possible way. Together, we can try and make amends and restore the delicate balance that we have with Nature.