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Our Story

Ethiko was born to make you fall in love with your NATURAL self, over and over again!

At Ethiko, we aim to amalgamate the cleanest and the best that the world has to offer, be it organic cold pressed argan oil from Morocco, geranium oil from Egypt, lavender oil from France or morgina oil from India. We aspire to bring to you preservative free, high quality and effective skin care products that make you beautiful, NATURALLY. 

All our products are free from nasty chemicals like sulphates, SLS, silicones, formaldehyde releasers, parabens, phthalates, petroleum derivates and chemical fragrances. Many of these chemicals are carcinogens and hormonal disruptors, and hence, are never part of our products. 

Core Values

At Ethiko, purity and respect for nature are the core values that are imbibed in every formulation, product and process. All our formulations are unique and are made using high quality organic ingredients, sourced from around the world. Every formulation is 100% natural. Over 99% of the ingredients used are sourced from organic manufacturers, which ensures that no chemical pesticides have been used on the plants during the farming stage as well.

We aim to create sustainable products that are in harmony with Nature and make the world a better place for our children. In line with this ethos, we package our products in high quality Miron glass bottles as against coated glass or plastic  bottles. Miron Glass that does not allow visible light to enter, thus keeping the products fresh for a long time. Miron Glass packaging also ensure that no colours, dyes or plastics leach into any of our products, thus allowing us to deliver absolutely clean and gentle skin care that your skin will love. 

Respect for Life
We respect life in all forms and want to promote existence with thousands of species on Earth.  None of our products are tested on animals. None of our oils or butters are sourced from animals and we are proud to use plant based oils only. 


We believe that a healthy and happy skin is the best make up. At Ethiko, we are inspired by beauty practises from across the world, ranging from the Mayan culture in South America to the ancient Egyptian beauty practises that were followed by Cleopatra. 
Ethiko's Age Defying range is inspired by the Egyptian beauty practise of using geranium for a glowing and youthful skin. Ethiko's Oil Control range bases all its products on the Greek practise of using peppermint to purge toxins from the body. Finally, Ethiko's Brightening Range draws inspiration from the Mayan beauty regimen of using rosehip oil to maintain the health of the skin by boosting collagen production.
Our promise of being true to you and in harmony with Nature is our driving force. Our research continues, and everyday, we try to find ways to blend ancient science with sustainable beauty practices.

Founder: Sonia Sahni

At the age of 38, when age starts robbing the skin of its natural oils, I was in search of a product that could help me delay the signs of ageing. I could see fine lines around my lips and dark patches on my cheeks. It was a desperate attempt to find a product that could nourish my skin and and make it supple.
Having tried numerous products and having read the labels behind many more, I realised that most products in the market are filled with chemicals that create havoc in the human body, especially for women. Numerous chemical preservatives and stabilisers mimic the female hormones and can also be carcinogenic, if used over extended periods of time. The quest for pure, yet effective products did not yield much success. There was a need to bring the goodness of Nature in a potion, that is pure and gentle, yet effective.
And thus...

Ethiko was make you fall in love with your NATURAL self, over and over again!