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Do Not Be Complacent: Swati Shah

We live a part of our life online and with increased online presence, comes the threat of IT security. It is not often that we get to meet a woman who has made her mark in this space. Let us meet Swati Shah, who is an IT Security professional and works tirelessly to ensure that the online world is a safer place for her firm and its clients. Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do professionally? I am an IT security professional and have spent over 15 years fighting virus attacks, hackers, payment frauds and the likes. I have earned my graduate degree in information technology and have always enjoyed the space. It has been an interesting journey to...

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Success Comes With Soul Satisfaction: Megha Jain

When you think of an investment banker, you imagine a sharp and intelligent individual, good with numbers. Well, Megha is that and more; she is creative, expressive and kind. Megha Jain is what many women aspire to be - a successful career woman, fulfilling a soul satisfying purpose in life! Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do professionally? I am an investment professional and spend my day structuring, analysing and executing impact investing deals. On paper, I look like a typical engineer and MBA, a left-brain person, with intense focus on analysis developed through my years in consulting and investment banking. However, there are more layers beneath that outer shell; I am an aspiring artist, a budding actor...

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Success is a Journey: Soni Shah

Soni Shah is an alumnus of INSEAD Business School. She has had a successful investment banking career in companies like Citibank and Anand Rathi. She has lived the Wall Street dream and is now an entrepreneur, challenging the status quo in the home cleaning product space with her brand Raaso. Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do professionally?At present, I am the Founder & Managing Director of Raaso Cleaning Products Pvt. Ltd. We are engaged in the R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales of household cleaning products. RAASO was born out of a very basic requirement to provide highly effective, non-toxic and safe cleaning products consumers. Our unique formulations are made of 2 potent ingredients; Vinegar & Baking...

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Learn to Delegate: Vidyottama Sharma

Vidyottama is a media professional, full of life and creativity. She is ambitious, yet kind and believes that we need to be successful together! Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do professionally? I have been a bilingual (English and Hindi) journalist for over two decades. I have worked with newspapers, magazines, news channels and niche magazines; have also been creative head of a film company and have launched content divisions.  I have written one book, one handbook and have contributed to another author’s book. At present, I am Head of Content with Sapphire Human Solutions and also Editor-in-Chief at Content Creators, a content agency.          Besides work, what do you enjoy doing? I love moderating panel discussions on various...

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Be Courageous: Nikita Gupta

Nikita is young, successful and brimming with energy. She has also done something that many want to do, but are scared to try; she has changed her career path in line with her priorities in life. Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do professionally? I am currently working with We Work India. Prior to joining We Work, I was a cabin crew with Singapore Airlines for three years and was able to achieve my dream of travelling the world. Besides work, what do you enjoy doing? I'm a trained classical dancer in Kathak. I have learnt Kathak for over 10 years. Sometimes, we don’t realise how our hobbies and interests mould us. I believe that dancing has added...

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