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Don’t Give Up: Purvi Modi Monga

Purvi Modi Monga is an experienced marketeer and has worked with marquee brands like Star TV and PVR. Purvi is one of those bold women who took trusted herself enough to bid good bye to a corporate job and take the entrepreneurial plunge 

Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do professionally?

After 10 years working in corporate offices, I decided it was time I did something of my own.

Socks were emerging as an important fashion accessory for men and that the market was looking for something fresh & fun. The urban man’s sense of style and taste was evolving over time but a basic item like socks was not. There was an apparent gap in the market where creativity and quality were both being addressed for and that’s where Mint & Oak was born.

There are few things a man relies on everyday and a good pair of socks is one of them. At Mint & Oak we provide fashionable & comfortable everyday socks for men.  These are socks you can wear to a boardroom or a fun night out!

Besides work, what do you enjoy doing?

 A healthy and active lifestyle goes a long way in keeping the mind and body fit. It helps me focus and make me more productive at work. I ensure that I always make time for some exercise. Besides I have a 2.5-year-old toddler who ensures I am always on my feet.

I also find cooking to be very therapeutic. I try and cook dinner for my family everyday. It’s great to sit together and enjoy something you have cooked. Cooking gives sense of instant gratification that makes you feel positive and good about yourself.  

Is there any childhood instance that has shaped you?  

In my college days I was a trainer with Shiamak Davar. He was very particular about being punctual and I believe it’s a trait that goes a long way in shaping who you are. It reduces stress, anxiety and helps you be more organized.

My dad always stressed on the importance of being organized and I am glad to that learned that from him. I create a to-do list for the day. If a task is on the list, it needs to be done natural tendency is to finish off less important easy tasks first and leave the work that require more thinking / finding a solution to later. The act of writing down what needs to be done helps me manage my time, prioritize my work and tackle it accordingly.

What does success mean to you?

To me success means setting a target and working hard towards achieving it. The more important thing is to have fun along the way. Success is both a goal and a journey. When we reach certain target, that is an element of success. However, it doesn’t stop there. We only push harder and strive for more.

What traits would you recommend young women to develop to be able to succeed in today’s world?

You need to be hungry to learn. Have an open mind, talk to people, be open to taking advice don’t be scared and don’t give up.

Ethiko salutes the spirit of entrepreneurship!