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Have A Solution Oriented Approach To Life: Aparnasri Sastry


This post comes with an introduction that I have written straight from my heart.

Back in 2004, Aparnasri was one of the first B School classmates that I met - we ate samosas in Gurukrupa in Sion, a memory so fresh as though it happened just yesterday. And then, we were room-mates for about one year! In that one year, I came to admire how she kept her calm under stressful situations and had a clear thought process, where many were lost and confused. 

I have known Aparnasri for over 15 years now and have much love, respect and appreciation for her as a friend and as an individual. It is an honour to share the story of a driven woman, who multi-hats as a successful banker, a warm home-maker and a loving mother. 

Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do professionally?  
I am the typical 'engineer+MBA' who is a career retail banker across a public sector bank, private sector bank and now an MNC bank! I love and enjoy my work at office, from home, at home and otherwise. I am the quintessential Mumbaikar living with husband and almost te(e)n year old son in Aamchi Mumbai.

Besides work, what do you enjoy doing?
I am a trained singer and have resumed classes and now perform on stage once a year (missed it this time though). I also love to read across genres particularly Jane Austen, Ayn Rand, Agatha Christie, JK Rowling, Michael Crichton, Khaled Hosseini, to name a few. I am a movie buff (courtesy family), a language enthusiast and now am adding "cooking just enough to live" to the list courtesy the times we live in. My family enjoys my 'paneer bhurjee' and 'tawa pulao' - I think my cooking skills are getting better by the day!

Is there any childhood instance (that you can share) that has shaped you?
I guess it all comes to your family and friends whose influences shape you. My family, school and school friends taught me friendship, fun, competition, performance, bonding and most importantly to be happy and live in the present.

What does success mean to you?
Success is a fleeting word. It depends on the benchmark and perspective one sees success from and I now realise that the definition of success changes with age. But I think at the end of it, if you are and feel at ease internally and can sleep well at night, you are successful.

What traits would you recommend young women to develop to be able to succeed in today’s world?
I believe that we women have a lot of mini stores of latent energy (I don't know where!) to tap from to do or get a job done. We just need to be cognizant of it and have a solution oriented approach to life to make it work for us! Love the quote " Aim for the stars and the sky will be yours someday".

Ethiko salutes a woman as a professional, a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother!