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Which are the best anti aging essential oils?

Essential oil have smaller molecules when compared to carrier oils like almond and jojoba and thus, can penetrate deeper into the skin. There have been studies where traces of the essential oil are found in the blood stream after topical application, which proves that essential oils penetrate the layer of the skin. Hence, it is important to select the right essential oils, even more so when you are looking for an effective anti aging product.  Use of essential oils in anti aging creams and anti aging serums is common these days. Many formulations include certain oils only for the fragrance. However, Ethiko prioritises efficacy of its Anti Aging Serum over the sensorial appeal and hence, uses only those essential oils...

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How should you cleanse your skin using oil?

Oil cleansing is a popular method to get ride of dirt and grime from deep within your pores. It works for all skin types, provided you know which oil to use and how to do it. This cleansing method is great to nourish mature skin. It is an equally effective in cleaning oily skin to prevent the occurence of acne.  The first step in oil cleansing is to select the oil that will work well for your skin. Do not use coconut oil or olive oil if you have acne prone and oily skin. We recommend sunflower oil for oil cleansing as this oil has a low comedogenic index and thus, works for all skin types. A low comedogenic index...

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Which are the best anti-acne essential oils?

Acne can cause a lot of trouble. Some of our customers have asked us to formulate an anti acne serum for them because acne has caused them lose their confidence. We believe that each of us is beautiful in a special way…and acne should never have a bearing on what you think about yourself. However, to those who worry about acne, we would like to share five our favourite essential oils that work wonders for acne prone skin. Tea Tree: Tea tree oil has great anti bacterial and anti fungal properties and fights acne causing bacteria. Peppermint: Peppermint oil is a very good cleanser and calms inflammation around active acne. Lemon: Lemon oil is a citrus oil that is very...

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How do we get coffee extract for Ethiko's Under Eye Serum?

Ethiko's Under Eye Serum is one of our best sellers. Many of you have tried it, loved it and reordered it many times.  Our under eye serum is gentle, yet effective because of the goodness of coffee. Coffee, on topical application, increases blood circulation and also helps in skin lightening. This reduces puffiness and dark circles around your eyes.  However, it is not safe to use essential oils on the delicate skin of the under eye area. It is also not good if essential oils enter the eyes. In fact, this can be very dangerous! So, we do not add any coffee essential oil in our under eye serum.  Then how do we get the goodness of coffee into the...

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Do you want to know Cleopatra's beauty secret?

We all want ever lasting youth and seek the best anti aging cream in the market! So did some the most beautiful women that ever lived, including Cleopatra. Cleopatra is believed to have been extremely beautiful. She took a lot of care of herself, as many royal women did centuries ago. She bathed in milk and rose water and applied the best oils to keep her skin young, soft and supple. Cleopatra used plenty of oils and Egyptian 'cosmetics' as anti aging products to  maintain her youth. One oil, which is known to be her beauty secret, is geranium essential oil. It is this ingredient that has inspired Ethiko's Anti Aging range as well. Our anti aging serum is loaded with...

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