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Why we use coffee in Ethiko's Undereye Serum?

Dark circles, puffy eyes and fine lines around the eye bother many of us. We all want to have sparkling and twinkling eyes every morning. However, dark circles make our face look tired and exhausted and we are, forever, in search of a solution to tackle these issues. 

under eye dark circles

At Ethiko, we were approached by many of our customers to create a formulation to tackle the above mentioned problems. And thus, our R&D team got to work, tirelessly for over 6 months to develop a formulation especially suited for your sensitive under eye skin. 

under eye circles dark circle ethiko coffee in skincare

How is the under eye serum different from a face serum?

It is key to note that the skin around our eyes is very thin, much thinner than the rest of the face. Also, eyes are sensitive to external application. Any harsh chemicals can impact them seriously and have severe repercussion, at times, on the vision as well. This is the reason why it is not safe to use essential oils in any product that is meant for the eye area. Thus, Ethiko's Under Eye Serum does not have any essential oils, but has the beneficial qualities coffee. 

So, how do we make our under eye serum effective? We add the goodness of coffee to it. This is done by macerating organic coffee in organic jojoba oil for about a month. The extracts of coffee seep into the jojoba oil, which is one of the key ingredients of the under eye serum.

The picture below is that of coffee berries growing in a coffee plantation - ready to be picked!

coffee skincare under eye dark circles

But why did we add coffee to our serum?

Coffee, as we all know, contains caffeine. Topical application of coffee, followed by a gentle massage increases the blood circulation. This allows accumulated fluids around the eyes to be drained, thus reducing puffiness. Increase in circulation also gives the skin the required nutrients, thus reducing signs of aging like fine lines. Lastly, coffee helps in brightening the skin tone and this makes it a potent ingredient to combat the pesky dark circles that have been bothering you. 

Isn't coffee a dehydrating agent?

Yes, coffee is a dehydrating agent when consumed, not when applied topically. In order to balance this, Ethiko's Under Eye Serum contains organic rosehip oil, jojoba oil, argan oil and olive squalene so that your skin is nourished, healthy and does not lose moisture. Olive squalene is easily absorbed by the skin and quickly starts showing a positive result on fine lines. Jojoba oil is chemically a wax and stops moisture loss from the skin. 

Ethiko's Under Eye Serum is a must have in your night routine if you want to have sparkling eyes, free of fine lines and puffiness. It is time to say bye bye to dark circles.