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Which are the best anti-acne essential oils?

Acne can cause a lot of trouble. Some of our customers have asked us to formulate an anti acne serum for them because acne has caused them lose their confidence.

We believe that each of us is beautiful in a special way…and acne should never have a bearing on what you think about yourself.

However, to those who worry about acne, we would like to share five our favourite essential oils that work wonders for acne prone skin.

  1. Tea Tree: Tea tree oil has great anti bacterial and anti fungal properties and fights acne causing bacteria.
  2. Peppermint: Peppermint oil is a very good cleanser and calms inflammation around active acne.
  3. Lemon: Lemon oil is a citrus oil that is very effective in fading old scars and marks, especially those related to acne.
  4. Curcuma: Curcuma oil has strong anti bacterial properties, which reduces the occurrence of acne and also brighten the skin tone.
  5. Cedarwood: Cedarwood oil regulates sebum production and tightens pores, thus taking care of the root cause of acne (at the topical level).

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