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Gua Sha or Facial Roller - What Should You Choose?

We often get asked this question - Should I use a gua sha if I am already using a face roller?

And our answer to the question is an emphatic 'YES'! Yes, you should invest a in a gua sha even though you have a face roller.

What does a face roller do?

The face roller is a tool use to soothe the skin. The roller technique is about your skin coming in contact with the stone. The provides gentle stimulation and improves circulation, which makes the skin healthy. 

What does a gua sha do?

The gua sha technique, which includes massaging the face with a the gua sha tool, is much more effective than a roller. Using a gua sha not only aids blood circulation, but it also improves lymphatic drainage to ensure that the body gets rid of toxins as well. This makes the healthy, clear and radiant.

Why is the gua sha better than the face roller?

The roller and gua sha can be used in combination. However, if you were to use only one of the two, the gua sha wins. Here are three reasons why you should use the gua sha, whether or not you use a roller.

  1. Gua sha is about contouring, thus gives much better results in sculpting your face (remember that the roller is only about soothing the skin?). This works very well for those who have a sagging neck and double chin. 
  2. As the gua sha massage helps in sculpting your face, it s a great anti-aging tool. It gives great results in reducing fine lines and signs of aging. 
  3. You can address smaller areas like around the nose, under the lower lip, under the eyes and on the eyebrows much better with a gua sha; the cylindrical structure of the roller does not let you address these targeted areas. 

Now that you understand what makes a gua sha so much superior to a face roller, make the choice of getting your gua sha today! 

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