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How to Strengthen Brittle Nails?

Nail Health

Ladies… isn’t it annoying for your manicured arty nails to keep breaking all the time?

Comprised of layers of a protein called keratin, your nails protect your fingers and toes. Keratin, which additionally makes up the cells in your hair and skin, attempts to shield nails from harm. Be that as it may, it's normal for nails to part, strip, or break. There are various basic health reasons or other external factors for fragile nails. The area around nails, called cuticle, is to protect the nails from bacteria whenever the nail grows out of the nail root. Protecting the cuticles is also important to protect nails. Read on to know more about brittle nails:

Reasons for Brittle Nails

  • Age: The quality of nails normally changes as an individual’s age, frequently getting dull and fragile. While toenails normally get thicker and harder, fingernails regularly become thinner and weaker.
  • Cutting of Cuticles: Cuticles protect both your nails and the skin surrounding them from infection. After cutting the cuticle, it’s easier for bacteria and germs to get inside. This can lead to an infection.
  • Iron Deficiency: This condition happens when the body doesn't get sufficient iron that is an indication of low red platelet levels. Prescribed medicines can be taken to handle iron deficiency in the body.
  • Thyroid: One of the reasons for brittle nails is hypothyroidism. Along with brittle nails, symptoms of low thyroid levels may include hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, constipation, and depression. Your doctor can treat hypothyroidism with medication.
  • Raynaud’s Syndrome: Characterized by circulation problems in the extremities, this condition can affect nail health. Prescribed medicines can be taken for calcium channel blockers to get handle this syndrome in the body.
  • Constant use of sanitizers: This pandemic situation has made a lot of people aware of their health issues or shortcomings in the body. Constant use of sanitizers can bring dryness to the skin of hands and affect the health of nails.
  • Damaged cuticle: Cuticles become dry, damaged and infected that causes the nails to damage. Maintaining the cuticle health will help in maintaining the health of the nails because that is where the nails start growing from.

Remedy for Brittleness

You can’t do anything about age-related nail changes, but you can reduce the risk of split, cracked, and brittle nails. To keep nails healthy and strong, one of the best recommendations we give is to use Ethiko's Nail and Cuticle Serum. This serum is formulated especially for weak nails, which are brittle and prone to chipping and breaking, as well as cuticles that have not received enough nutrition and thus, are dry and peeling.

Since cuticle is the root where the nail grows, it is very important to take care of the cuticles. So soak your feet and hands in warm water in every few days for the cuticles to soften and for the dirt from the nails to be removed. After this, apply cuticle serum from Ethiko. It works as a natural moisturizer for cuticles that softens them and allows the nails to grow smoothly. 

Also, avoid cutting of cuticles while having a manicure at a parlor or at home. Instead of having them cut at your next manicure, ask your technician to just push back the cuticle and trim loose skin and hangnails. Gently apply cuticle oil on the cuticles after the manicure. It will help the cuticles remain soft. 

Goodness of Ingredients in Ethiko’s Nail and Cuticle Serum

Ethiko’s Nail and Cuticle Serum is formulated by using Vitamin E rich almond oil, Argan oil, essential oils like orange, grapefruit and lemongrass. The cuticles are nourished by almond oil and Argan oil and nail growth is boosted by essential oils in the serum. This serum promotes strong and healthy nails.

Ethiko products are PETA approved, animal cruelty-free and packaged in environmental- friendly ways. The ingredients of the serum are thoughtfully chosen to not cause any side effects to your nails. This serum gives you beautiful and happy nails!

Benefits of Using Ethiko’s Nail Cream

Ethiko’s Nail and Cuticle Serum is a natural treatment and it starts working on the base of the nails. Please use the treatment regularly as the nail grows and you will see the results gradually. This is unlike a chemically loaded ‘top coat’ of a nail polish that gives immediate hardness. Ethiko endeavours to help you strengthen your nails through a natural process supported by the body fully.

Stepwise Procedure to Get Happy Nails 

  • Gently rub the roll-on on cuticles and nails 
  • Massage for 30-60 seconds until serum is completely absorbed

Note: We recommend using Ethiko's Nail and Cuticle Serum at least twice daily! 

Applying Ethiko Nails Serum


Generally speaking, brittle nails can be categorized as dry and brittle (too little moisture) or soft and brittle (too much moisture). Special care can be taken with home remedies, such as wearing gloves while doing household chores, moisturizing your hands and nails after washing or eating iron-rich food.  Nails make your hands look beautiful and pretty hands are always admired as ‘princess’s hands’. So nail care should also be a part of your daily health and body routine.

More about Ethiko
Ethiko products are PETA approved, animal cruelty-free and packaged in environmental- friendly ways. The ingredients of the cream are thoughtfully chosen to not cause any side-effects to your skin. This cream gives you beautiful and happy feet after the first application itself!