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Should You Use A Lip Scrub?

Lip scrubs have taken the market by storm. They come in plenty of flavours - cherry, vanilla, orange, honey and many many more. If you have been wondering whether you should be using a lip scrub, read on...

Well, the answer to this question is like the answer to many others... 'it depends'! 

If you have dry chapped lips that peel, a lip scrub can actually help you get soft lips. The lip scrub will help you get rid of the flaky surface and reveal fresh skin. 

If you have normal lips, without any problem whatsoever, a lip scrub is a great idea for you too. Scrubbing gently will increase blood circulation and ensure that your lips stay soft and plump. 

However, if you have chapped lips that split and bleed, using a lip scrub is an absolute NO NO! Scrubbing bleeding lips will make the problem worse and will not let your lips heal. What you need is a nourishing overnight lip mask, that lets your lips heal. Once the topmost layer of skin on your lips is repaired and they are no longer bleeding, you can try the lip scrub, but very very gently! 

Whether you need a lip scrub or not really depends on what your lips are craving for! If you decide to use a lip scrub, do remember that you should not be using it more than once a week. Also, always apply a lip mask after the lip scrub to ensure that your lips are well taken care of as scrubbing can some time cause micro-tears. 

Cheers to plump lips!