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What should you do about dry, chapped lips?

Dry and cracked lips? Or lips that just don't feel soft? Or dark and dull lips that make you feel conscious? We have all faced these situations, when even smiling can hurt because your lips have lines that hurt and sometimes, even bleed. 

Dry lips can be a result of dehydration or overuse of low quality lipsticks. However, they can happen even when you use the best quality products and drink plenty of water. Dry and chapped lips are also an occurence when weather conditions are harsh - dry and/or cold.

Our lips do not have any oil glands. Hence, it becomes imperative to provide them with nutrition topically. Most of us use a lip balm during the day. However, it is during the day that you eat, talk and for umpteen number of reasons, lick your lips... either to wet dry lips or to smack up food. Hence, the lip balm does not stay on your lips for long. Tacky, long lasting lip balms give a sticky and uncomfortable feeling. Smooth ones get wiped off too soon! It is really a challenge to find the perfect one...maybe there isn't a perfect one either!

Well, a high quality overnight lip mask is the answer to dry, chapped and flaky lips as it nourishes your lips while you sleep and helps get rid of the dead skin when you wake up. An ideal overnight lip mask should be smooth so that its nutrition penetrates into the layers of the skin. A sticky lip mask will only sit on top and do nothing about nourishment! 

Also, remember that whatever you put on your lips, a part of it makes its way into your clean, natural and organic is the way to go...especially for lip products!

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