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Can you use essential oils in your DIY beauty products?

We all know that essential oils are extremely beneficial. However, this holds true only when you know how to use them the right way. It is not a good idea to use essential oils yourself for topical facial applications, unless you are a qualified formulator or aromatherapist. Essential oils are potent ingredients and need to be use in very very very small quantities. 

Essential oils for leave on products for your face should be less than 1% of the total formulation. So, if you are adding 1 drop of any essential oil, you need to make sure that the other ingredients equal 99 drops. And if you are adding 3 drops of essential oils, the total formulation should be equal to 300 drops. This requires a lot of measuring and accuracy, which is unlikely to be available at home. 

Using essential oils without diluting them is dangerous. We have heard lots of people who tell us that they use pure tea tree oil for their acne. This is not safe. Even if you do want to use tea tree oil on your acne, you need to dilute it in a carrier oil. The maximum essential oil, in such a case can be 2-3%, but no more. And, acne prone skin cannot use any and every carrier oil. The base needs to be formulated to suit your skin type. It would not be a great idea to experiment with acne prone skin, which is already struggling with issues. It would be best to leave it to the experts! Ethiko's Anti Acne Roll-on is formulated keeping the challenges of acne prone skin in mind. It is safe and effective and contains essential oils within approved limits. Also, all oils used in the product are suitable for acne prone skin. 

Some essential oils of the citrus family like lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit contain compounds that need to be within allowed threshold limit. Anything more than this limit can cause photosensitivity and damage your skin if exposed to the sun. This requires details computation, measuring and precise manufacturing. 

Hence, for your own safety it is advisable not to add essential oils to leave on products for your face unless you are aware of how to use then and how to dilute them. It can cause allergic reactions and sensitisation and will possibly do more harm than good. Trust the experts and seek out products that have been professionally formulated.  

Also, as a consumer, it is your right to know all the ingredients that have gone into your skin care product. Please be vigilant and exercise your rights to know and to make an informed decision.