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What is a Brightening Serum?

We all want bright and radiant skin. However, 'bright' is different from 'white' and 'light'. Hence, it is implicit that a brightening serum is different from a lightening serum or a whitening serum. 

So, what do we mean by 'brightening'? 

brightening serum

Your skin will look bright and radiant only if it is not patchy. Brightening means that your skin glows, regardless of your complexion and your skin tone. A brightening serum aids in attaining the same skin tone. It helps in lightening dark spots and evening out the colour and texture of your skin. 

brightening serum fair skin

A brightening serum is a skincare product that brings out the best version of you!

Brightening serums work in a few ways:

  1. Natural, focussing on skin health and deep layers: Brightening serums that focus on skin health are made of organic and natural products. Such serums penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and take at least 4-6 weeks to show effect. Ethiko's Brightening Serum is one such product that has the goodness of rosehip oil, which promotes regeneration of skin cells and evens out skin tone. 
  2. Chemicals, targeting deep layers: Brightening serums that contain Vitamin C or retinol target deeper layers of the skin as well and encourage cell regeneration as well. In case of retinol based brightening serums, it is imperative to ensure that the amount of retinol is very low amounts as an excess of retinol can result in immature cells coming to the surface of the skin, making it dry, flakey and sensitive. In case of Vitamin C based serum, you have to take care not to step out in the sun with the serum else you skin may get burnt. It is best to use such serums under the supervision of a dermatologist only. 
  3. Focussing on top layers: Brightening serums that focus on the top layer of skin are usually skin lightening or whitening products, containing bleach and harmful chemicals. They show an immediate difference, which will fade away in a few days. Such brightening serums take away the natural barrier of the skin, making it sensitive and prone to infections. 

If a brightening serum is what you are looking for, it is best to go with a carefully formulated natural product that keeps your skin safe, healthy and glowing!

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