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How do we get coffee extract for Ethiko's Under Eye Serum?

Ethiko's Under Eye Serum is one of our best sellers. Many of you have tried it, loved it and reordered it many times. 

Our under eye serum is gentle, yet effective because of the goodness of coffee. Coffee, on topical application, increases blood circulation and also helps in skin lightening. This reduces puffiness and dark circles around your eyes. 

However, it is not safe to use essential oils on the delicate skin of the under eye area. It is also not good if essential oils enter the eyes. In fact, this can be very dangerous! So, we do not add any coffee essential oil in our under eye serum. 

Then how do we get the goodness of coffee into the serum?

Well, that needs a few high quality products and a lot of patience!

We source organic coffee from Ethiopia or Vietnam. This coffee is macerated i.e soaked in organic jojoba oil for a month. We also add Vitamin E to this mixture to make the under eye serum even more nourishing. This jar of coffee, jojoba oil and vitamin E is kept in the sun for at least one month. We then bring it back in shade and allow it to rest for a few more days. The oil is then strained and ready to be used for the serum. The oil has a light brown colour and strong smell of coffee! 

This macerated jojoba oil is mixed with rosehip oil, olive squalene and argan oil to make our highly nourishing under eye serum. Have you placed your order yet?

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