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Best Remedy to Cure Cracked Heel

Craked heals cure ethiko

Are you worried about your cracked heels?

Cracked heels can be a common foot condition for many which can cause discomfort or pain. Dry weather causes feet to crack. Hence this problem arises mostly in winters. For the vast majority of people, having cracked heels is no big deal. It might cause them inconvenience while going shoeless. However, breaks in the heels can turn out to be a profound problem and cause torment. Walking becomes difficult with cracked feet, especially for senior citizens. Apart from looking bad in appearance, cracked heels can also be infected if not treated. Read on to know other reasons for the cracking of feet:

Reasons for Cracked Feet

  • Standing for long hours
  • Walking around barefoot, or with open-back sandals
  • Taking long, hot showers
  • Using harsh soaps and chemicals on body can strip natural oils from your skin
  • Wearing shoes that don't fit properly or support your heels
  • Skin drying due to climate, such as cold temperatures or low humidity.

Moisturize feet

Remedy for Cracked Heels
There are a lot of home remedies to follow but every home remedy involves using a foot cream. One of the feet care routines you can follow is to dip your feet in warm water before going to bed. You will love it how soft your foot feels after a water-dip. Give your feet somewhat more consideration, starting with moisturizing them more than once in a day. Search for thick creams. The best remedy for cracked heels is Ethiko’s Foot Cream.

Benefits of Using Ethiko’s Foot Cream

 - Heals cracked heels

- Moisturizes dry feet

- Softens callus

- Reduces foot odor

- Keeps infections at bay

- Nourishes toe nails and makes them healthy and shiny

Stepwise Procedure to Get Happy Feet    

(1) Wash feet with warm water

(2) Scrub gently with a foot file to remove dead skin and dirt

(3) Dry with a towel

(4) Generously apply the cream/balm and wear socks

Goodness of Ingredients in Ethiko’s Foot Cream
Ethiko’s Foot Cream contains organic shea butter, cocoa butter and olive oil to provide deep moisturization. Fortified with eucalyptus and vetivert oil, this cream aids recovery and keeps feet fresh throughout the day.

Cracked heals cure ethiko foot cream

Additional Information about Ethiko’s Foot Cream
Presence of organic shea and cocoa butter might cause the cream to become grainy (like ghee) due to changes in temperature. This does not impact the quality or efficacy of the product, but proves that the butters are pure without any emulsifiers or stabilizers.

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Concluding Thoughts
Try not to overlook dry, cracked heels, as over the long haul this may result in fissures, which increases chances of infections. Just like our face, we should give our feet that special care because feet are an essential part of our body too.

More about Ethiko
Ethiko products are PETA approved, animal cruelty-free and packaged in environmental- friendly ways. The ingredients of the cream are thoughtfully chosen to not cause any side-effects to your skin. This cream gives you beautiful and happy feet after the first application itself!