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Do you want to know Cleopatra's beauty secret?

We all want ever lasting youth and seek the best anti aging cream in the market! So did some the most beautiful women that ever lived, including Cleopatra. Cleopatra is believed to have been extremely beautiful. She took a lot of care of herself, as many royal women did centuries ago. She bathed in milk and rose water and applied the best oils to keep her skin young, soft and supple.

Cleopatra used plenty of oils and Egyptian 'cosmetics' as anti aging products to  maintain her youth. One oil, which is known to be her beauty secret, is geranium essential oil. It is this ingredient that has inspired Ethiko's Anti Aging range as well. Our anti aging serum is loaded with the goodness or geranium oil. And did you know that we import our geranium oil from Egypt! It comes right from Cleopatra's land, Egypt!

Geranium oil has a pleasant floral smell and works wonders on mature skin. However, please resist the temptation to use it in DIY skin care. This anti aging oil contain high percentage of geraniol, which is an allergen. Hence, it needs to be used in very low quantities and within approved dermal limits. It is not possible to measure such small quantities at home when you craft your anti aging cream. It is best to use an anti aging formulation that uses geranium oil instead of experimenting on your own. 

Ethiko's Age Defying Serum is the elixir that is loaded with the goodness of geranium essential oil in perfect proportion. This anti aging serum delays the onset of signs of aging line fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. It is a blend of geranium essential oil, rosehip oil, argan oil and many more organic ingredients that work on you skin to give you  hydrated, soft and supple skin.