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What is comedogenic rating of an oil?

At Ethiko, our formulators often interact with a lot of customers and those with oily skin are sometimes, petrified when they that hear that they should be using an oil based product on their skin. 

Not many people know that every skin type needs oil, whether it is dry and mature skin or oily and acne prone skin. It is true that oily skin is more prone to break outs, but all oils will not result in a breakout. One should know the comedogenic rating of an oil before picking it up. 

So, what is comedogenic rating? Well, it is quite simple. - it is the ability of the oil to clog pores. The rating scale is from 0 to 5. The oil with comedogenic rating of 0 does not clog the pores at all while that with a comedogenic rating of 5 will surely clog the pores. 

Hence, if you have an oily skin, you should be using oils that have a comedogenic rating of 0-2. The best oil for those having oily skin is argan oil, followed by rosehip and jojoba oil. If you have a dry skin, you should be using oils that have a comedogenic rating between 2-4. Almond oil and moringa oil are ideal for those with dry skin. Certain oils like wheat germ oil are highly nourishing, but have a comedogenic rating of 5. Such oils should be used sparingly and as a spot treatment. 

Hence, whenever you decide to slather some oil on your face next time, take a little time to understand the comedogenic rating of the oil and then proceed with your experiment. And oh...don't forget to do a patch test!