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What is a Brightening Serum?

We all want bright and radiant skin. However, 'bright' is different from 'white' and 'light'. Hence, it is implicit that a brightening serum is different from a lightening serum or a whitening serum.  So, what do we mean by 'brightening'?  Your skin will look bright and radiant only if it is not patchy. Brightening means that your skin glows, regardless of your complexion and your skin tone. A brightening serum aids in attaining the same skin tone. It helps in lightening dark spots and evening out the colour and texture of your skin.  A brightening serum is a skincare product that brings out the best version of you! Brightening serums work in a few ways: Natural, focussing on skin health and deep...

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Gua Sha or Facial Roller - What Should You Choose?

We often get asked this question - Should I use a gua sha if I am already using a face roller? And our answer to the question is an emphatic 'YES'! Yes, you should invest a in a gua sha even though you have a face roller. What does a face roller do? The face roller is a tool use to soothe the skin. The roller technique is about your skin coming in contact with the stone. The provides gentle stimulation and improves circulation, which makes the skin healthy.  What does a gua sha do? The gua sha technique, which includes massaging the face with a the gua sha tool, is much more effective than a roller. Using a gua sha...

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Which Gua Sha Should You Choose: Jade or Rose Quartz?

Gua Sha is the new rage in beauty. Everyone wants to lock in their youth by using the gua sha tool every night! And why not, the relaxing practise of using a gua sha or jade roller to massage your face increase blood circulation and drain toxins, thus making your skin glow.  However, choosing a gua sha can be confusing. They come in different stones and different colours. They also come in different shapes. The options are plenty...and one can get overwhelmed choosing the right stone. The most common stones used for the gua sha are jade and rose quartz and today we will discuss a little more about these.  Typically, the rose quartz gua sha is more expensive than...

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What should you do about dry, chapped lips?

Dry and cracked lips? Or lips that just don't feel soft? Or dark and dull lips that make you feel conscious? We have all faced these situations, when even smiling can hurt because your lips have lines that hurt and sometimes, even bleed.  Dry lips can be a result of dehydration or overuse of low quality lipsticks. However, they can happen even when you use the best quality products and drink plenty of water. Dry and chapped lips are also an occurence when weather conditions are harsh - dry and/or cold. Our lips do not have any oil glands. Hence, it becomes imperative to provide them with nutrition topically. Most of us use a lip balm during the day. However,...

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